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Fh8 r-PPure System


.shadow css class“Fh8 r-PPure System” is a great choice to produce and purify your soluble and active recombinant protein in a simple and cost-effective way. This platform contains a novel fusion partner combining and improving recombinant protein expression, solubilisation and purification. Its low molecular weight, 8 kDa, and its solubility enhancing effect make Fh8 an advantageous option compared to larger fusion tags for soluble protein production in bacteria. Moreover, Fh8 acts has a purification handle due to its affinity to hydrophobic colums.  

A recent study (Costa et al., 2013) shows that the “Fh8 r-PPure System” is an effective tool for the improvement of protein solubility in E. coli and an excellent candidate for testing expression and solubility next to the other well-known fusion tags. This study was conducted by Portuguese Research Institutions, EMBL at Heidelberg and Hitag Biotechnology.  

Furthermore, in another recent study conducted by Costa et al, 2013, it was demonstrated that “Fh8 r-PPure System” acts has a purification handle in hydrophobic interaction chromatography and does not interferes with target protein activity.  

Feel free to contact us for additional details or read the following papers: 1) Costa SJ, Coelho E, Franco L, Almeida A, Castro A, Domingues L; The Fh8 tag, a fusion partner for simple and cost-effective protein purification in Escherichia coli; Protein Expression and Purification, in press 2) Costa SJ, Almeida A, Castro A, Domingues L, Besir H; The novel Fh8 and H fusion partners for soluble protein expression in Escherichia coli: a comparison with the traditional gene fusion technology; Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2013, 15:6779-91


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