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Hitag® patented two fusion tags aiming at the improvement of the recombinant protein production and the antibody development. Due to the potential of our tags, the recombinant proteins are produced soluble and in high levels. In addition, they are able to elicit the production of polyclonal antibodies according to your needs, in a complete service called “from gene to antibody”. Our tag-based technology does not require antigen combination with large conjugates to achieve an immune response and can be applied to small peptides. The large experience of our scientists offers a customer-adapted service with optimized solutions to guarantee your satisfaction. Do not stop your research: our tag-based technology allows you to get your recombinant proteins and respective antibodies.


Services Description:

DNA cloning

In this service, Hitag® offers you a synthesis of the recombinant DNA and production of the recombinant antigen, using the genomic DNA or a PCR product and a description of your target antigen.


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Protein Production

In this service, Hitag® offers the development of recombinant proteins with a detailed report of the performed tasks. Hitag® proteins are produced with its own innovative and proprietary technologies, and the purified proteins exceed 90% purity as detected by SDS-PAGE analysis. The plasmid and cells producing your antigen will be kept under -80ºC until further needs.


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Immunogenic Protein

In this service, Hitag® offers the development of immunogenic proteins by the use of proprietary immunopotentiator H tag. This tag has a small size that will not interfere with the 3D structure of your antigen. We will deliver you a bulk of specific polyclonal antibodies targeting your protein.


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Several reports will keep you informed: cloning your PCR product with our tags, miniscreen analysis, and scale-up. You will know it!


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