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Immunogenic Protein Development/Expression


Hitag® Immunogenic Protein services are priced according to the required amount of strain comparison and optimization work needed.

Our prices are based on a setup fee for expression analysis of different E.coli strains (possibly with different helper plasmid systems) and the use of different culture conditions tested.

Hitag® proteins are produced with its own innovative and proprietary technology, the H VerImmune Ligand, and the purified proteins exceed 90% purity as detected by SDS-PAGE analysis

This server as the possibility of delivery a bulk of specific polyclonal antibodies target for your protein


Services Descriptions Timing
Expression vectors construction Target gene amplification and insertion in vector provided by customer 2 weeks
Protein production Bacterial culture will be induced and harvested for protein purification 2 weeks
Protein purification and analysis Recombinant protein purification by affinity resins and analyzed by SDS-Page 2 weeks
Polyclonal antibodies production Production of a bulk of specific polyclonal antibodies 4 weeks


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