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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

H VerImmune Ligand

 H Tag technology, immunogenic peptide

The “H VerImmune Ligand” system represents a potent adjuvant-free immunization tool for vaccination procedures. By attaching this ligand to your recombinant protein, turns it into a potent antigen dispensing the use of adjuvants.
A study (Costa et al., 2013) demonstrated an example or application of the novel “H VerImmune Ligand” fusion partner in building a strong immune response using adjuvant-free immunisation. In this work, the “H VerImmune Ligand” (11 a.a. peptide of 1 kDa) efficiently triggered a CP12-specific immune response, and it also improved the immunisation procedure without requiring coadministration of adjuvants. Moreover, the antibodies raised against the recombinant complex detected the native antigen structures displayed on the surface of a parasitic structure.
Feel free to contact us for additional details or read the following paper:
1) Costa SJ, Silva P, Almeida A, Conceição A, Domingues L, Castro A; A novel adjuvant-free H fusion system for the production of recombinant immunogens in Escherichia coli: its application to a 12 kDa antigen from Cryptosporidium parvum; Bioengineered, 2013, 4:18-17.


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